New Book ideas swirling in my mind.

Last Minute Decision - Lisa    Anderson

So, many people have commented on the uncertainty around the ending of Last Minute Decision.  I know that when I wrote it all those years ago, that my thought, was that the ending could go in so many different directions, that I chose to leave it open.  I know now, with my older wisdom now deeply ingrained, that cliffhangers are not as appealing in a book as they are on a weekly high drama show on TV.  


I am now playing with a plot that would address the outcome of the lives of a few of the main characters in Last Minute Decision.  Hopefully, I can weave a story that will add more depth to the pages of my first writing project, but that will stand on it's own without the need to read (but of course would be helpful), Last Minute Decision.


So stay tuned, for my upcoming musings on my new adventure.


Have a Great Day!